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Thank you for visiting my online campaign headquarters. It is my honor and privilege to represent you in the Tennessee State Senate. Together we have made a lot of progress, but there is still lots to do. I hope I can count on your support in the Republican Primary on August 4, 2016. May God bless.

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Janice Bowling

Tennessee State Senator, District 16




Janice Bowling
Our Senator

Since 2012 Janice Bowling has been Our Voice, Our Values and Our Vote in Nashville. No matter how hard the fight, Janice is ready to battle for us.

About Janice

Janice Bowling
Our Values

In Nashville, as our State Senator, Janice Bowling stands up for Our Values everyday. When liberals want to expand government and encroach on our conservatives values, Janice stands up for us, our families and our values.

The Issues
Fiber internet is critical to provide economic, educational and healthcare opportunities for our state. Janice is leading the charge in Nashville and standing up to the power brokers that want to protect big companies instead of our small towns. Fiber internet access provides the same opportunities for rural communities that metropolitan areas already have. Fiber internet just makes sense, and it’s the right thing to do.
Bureaucrats in Washington, liberal politicians and the Supreme Court just don’t seem to get it. For us in rural Tennessee, guns aren’t special or something to be had only by a few, they are a way of life. The Second Amendment guarantees our ability to keep and bear arms to protect and provide for our families. As a lifetime member of the NRA, and a gun owner herself, Janice is protecting our Constitutional rights.
When politicians start deciding what needs to happen in the classroom instead of teachers, the train has left the tracks. Janice is working in Nashville to give local school systems more control over their policies and a bigger say on where their education dollars are spent. She has also led the way in advocating testing alternatives which are beneficial to students while also reducing redundancy and waste.
Our founding fathers knew that limited government was the best government. Unfortunately, bureaucrats and liberals in Washington and Nashville keep pushing their regulation and out of control taxation onto the backs of hardworking Tennesseans. As our voice in Nashville, Janice is working to return the power of government to the people and to ensure that government only does what the founders intended while doing so by living within their means. If families in rural Tennessee have to balance their checkbooks, the politicans in Nashville should too!
When Congress passed ObamaCare, the face of healthcare was changed across our nation. Instead of healthcare being between a doctor and her patient, the government has now weaseled its way in the middle. Thankfully, by standing against the expansion of ObamaCare in Tennessee, Janice has protected the rights of patients and doctors while also watching out for each and every taxpayer of the state. Instead of increased taxation and bigger government, Janice wants a balanced approach to healthcare that improves access to doctors and service to patients, but that also keeps the government out of the exam room.

Our Voice
Janice On Religious Freedom in Schools